About the course
Urology Boot Camp is an innovative, practical, hands-on interactive simulation rich course that follows the Urology curriculum for ST3.
Thirty hours of technical skills simulation training in cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, TURP, TURBT, Botox, scrotal surgery, bowel anastomosis and laparoscopy.
The emphasis is on one-to-one hands on training. Ten Hours of non-technical skills training is delivered in the form of simulated scenarios using state-of-the-art technology, followed by interactive structured debriefing sessions. Focus on the development of professionalism and excellence in clinical performance required at ST3 level and above.


It gives me great personal pleasure to welcome you to the Leeds Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy (LIMIT) at the beginning of your specialised urological training. Over the next 5-days “Boot camp” will give you an opportunity to kick-start your higher surgical training and hopefully get to know others from across the country set out on the same journey.

Simulation provides a safe environment for the trainee in the development of surgical skills as it allows a controlled stepwise learning approach that can be assessed, reflected upon and repeated to obtain high levels of performer competence. Simulation is now firmly established in modern surgical training and is applicable not only to acquiring surgical skills but also non-surgical skills and professionalism which are included across the next 5 days.

The current simulation boot camp urology course at LIMIT has clear educational objectives mapped to the ST3 urology curriculum and an array of simulators will be used to achieve defined competencies in various urological procedures. It is anticipated that each delegate will have had the opportunity to repeatedly perform TURP, TURBT, ureteroscopy and laparoscopy with timely feedback and opportunity for reflection.

I have been involved with the course since its first pilot but it was created and developed by a group of passionate surgical trainers whose vision to expand simulation training we all benefit from. It only happens because of the enthusiastic faculty who return year after year to teach and the support staff at LIMIT who organise and problem solve in equal measure. Enjoy this fantastic opportunity it will be hard work but also great fun

To find out more or register for The 6th Urology Boot Camp please click HERE to visit the Urology Boot Camp website.

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Larua Brown